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What is Reading Ready?

Reading Ready is an emergent word reading program developed by Dr. Katie Pace Miles. There are five components of the program.  As an intervention, Reading Ready can be used in a one-to-one or small group setting. It is an evidence-based, high-dosage program in which students receive three to five 20-25 minute lessons per week for anywhere from 30-60 lessons. Reading Ready can precede Reading Go! as students are building their word reading skills.

Who is it for?

Reading Ready scripted lessons are led by educators for students in kindergarten through second grade. Tutors are able to build their skills, knowledge, and motivation to support emerging readers through hands-on experience, the Reading Ready asynchronous training and ongoing professional learning opportunities.

Educator Guide

There are five parts of each Reading Ready intervention lesson: letter practice, sound practice, word practice, sentence practice, and decodable book practice. The program is explicit, systematic, and multimodal.

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Caregiver Guide

The Caregiver Guide is  a modified version of the Reading Ready Educator Guide, and gives busy caregivers exactly what they need to help build their child’s phonemic awareness and aligned word-reading skills with daily activities to do at home or on the go.

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Letter Knowledge Activity Guide

The Letter Knowledge Activity Guide can be used by early childhood educators and caregivers working with students to build their letter-name and letter-sound knowledge. There are three parts of the Letter Knowledge Guide: assessments, 8-step learning protocol, and 47 games to support instruction.

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Word Analysis Guide

This guide contains resources to support general word analysis work for emergent and more advanced readers. In addition, there are fourteen explicit and highly-engaging scripted activities that can be used with regularly and irregularly spelled words.

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